CMMC Registered Provider Organization (RPO)

Feeling overwhelmed about CMMC? We have you covered.

What is a CMMC RPO?

The CMMC Accreditation Board (AB) certifies that CMMC-RPOs are qualified to provide advice, consulting, and recommendations to our clients. RPOs are certified to provide pre-assessment consulting services, and can also assist with remediation of any findings during your assessment. RPOs employ staff trained in the CMMC methodology and CMMC assessment preparation, and are bound by a Professional Code of Conduct.

How can an RPO help me?

The CMMC-RPO program ensures you are working with a trained, trusted, and educated service provider who can help guide you before, during, and (if needed to address any findings) after your assessment. As a CMMC-RPO 񱦵 provides advice, consulting, and assistance to our clients to help them achieve CMMC compliance.

How do we get started?

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